National Guideline

What is it?

The National Guideline is a comprehensive guide including all essential skills needed to instruct speechreading and communication strategies to persons who live with hearing loss. This Guideline is based on a systematic Literature Review, that has been edited by clinicians in the fields of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and includes feedback from experienced speechreading trainers.

Why is it important?

Currently, there are limited services and supports available to help people manage their hearing loss, the need for Speechreading and Coping Skills Instruction is growing and not always accessible to those who need them the most. As a result, there are a growing number of organizations and individuals who offer informal Speechreading courses, and this number is increasing every year as the need for such courses is rising. However, the quality, content and tools that are available in these informal programs vary considerably from one service provider to another. Due to this variability, CHHA has spearheaded the initiative to develop a National Guideline to regulate the Speechreading courses offered through our organization, and to provide consumer advisory for persons with hearing loss that are seeking Speechreading instruction. This way, even if someone takes a Speechreading course from someone that has not gone through our training or is not recognized by our program, they can see what components are really helpful and should be included in the program. Click here for an unabridged version of the National Guidelines, and the Literature Review that provides the foundation for these guidelines.