Super Instructors

CHHA’s Super Instructors are experienced speechreading instructors sought out to provide the training to new speechreading instructor trainees, and are selected based on their years of experience, knowledge base and professionalism. These Super Instructors provide excellent training in both group and individual settings to offer both Level 1 and Level 2 courses following the NSRP training guidelines and the Super Instructors manuals established during the NSRP.

For more information on the qualities potential candidates must have, and the criteria to become a Super Instructor, please click the following link: Super Instructors: Criteria of experience and qualities required

Leslee Scott
English Speechreading Super Instructor

Leslee is hard of hearing, born with a moderate to severe unilateral hearing loss. She attended mainstream education with limited supports in her teen years. She decided upon a career working with Hard of Hearing and Deaf people and undertook to learn American Sign Language (ASL) early in her post-secondary education years. Over the years, her hearing declined to the point that she obtained a cochlear implant four years ago.

She has a wealth of personal and professional experiences that many people relate to. She attended college and university and has her BA in Sociology, Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters in Deaf Education specializing in vocational assessment. She has worked for not-for-profit agencies including Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Canadian Hearing Society, College and University disability services, and has done contract work in her private practice. She is a Registered Rehabilitation Practitioner (RRP) with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA).

Leslee is considered a leader within the hard of hearing community. She has been a member of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) since 1986 and has been on the boards of a Kelowna branch, BC Chapter, and National board as well has been invited to represent the hard of hearing community on various committees. The past three years she has collaborated with two other CHHA leaders to develop a new national standardized speech reading program.

Lynn Wheadon
English Speechreading Super Instructor

Lynn Wheadon, B.Sc., B.Ed. has a severe to profound hearing loss caused by maternal rubella. She taught hard of hearing children before working with adults at Calgary’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (now Deaf & Hear Alberta). A long time active member of CHHA, Lynn has served on the National Board of Directors and is very much involved in speechreading. She took her speechreading instructor training from Catherine Shearer, author of the “LIVING with a Hearing Loss” manuals. After introducing Shearer’s speechreading program in Calgary, Lynn became Project Coordinator for the Coping with Hearing Loss Project (CHIP) where she trained speechreading instructors throughout Alberta. Following that, she became CHHA’s Project Coordinator for the Working and Coping with Hearing Loss Project (WCHL), which trained instructors from across Canada.

Now involved with the National Speechreading Program, Lynn has written the “Hearing Help – A Speechreading Instructor’s Manual for Let’s Talk and Let’s Talk Some More”. As one of CHHA’s Super Instructors, she is looking forward to training and working with new instructors dedicated to helping hard of hearing and deafened Canadians.

Kim Scott
English Speechreading Super Instructor

Kim Scott was born and raised with a progressive bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. She studied respiratory therapy but was forced to abandon her career when she became deafened at the age of 26. She received a cochlear implant in 1995. She is the Executive Director of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Sudbury Branch after serving as President of the Branch for over 5 years.

When Kim first became President of CHHA Sudbury, the Branch was struggling with several problems common to many charities (no funding, dwindling membership, stagnation and lack of progress). With little experience in charity work and through numerous stumbles, failures and successes, Kim has helped the Sudbury Branch to develop strong community partnerships, financial sustainability and improved the public profile of CHHA and hearing loss issues. Today, the Sudbury Branch of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association provides numerous new programs and supports to the hard of hearing and deafened across Northeastern Ontario. Some of these supports include the Hear Now! Fund, aural rehabilitation workshops (speechreading, living with tinnitus, learning how to hear with a cochlear implant, etc.), ALDs lending library, print interpretation and community outreach.

Rhéal Léger
French Speechreading Super Instructor

Rhéal Léger is 62 years old and lives in Dieppe, New Brunswick. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is presently retired from Federal Government after 27 years of service in Management and Public Relations.

Rhéal lost his hearing suddenly, overnight. His level of hearing loss varies from severe to profound. Rhéal started taking all levels of speech reading available, and felt this has been very beneficial. It’s a tool he uses on a daily basis, and this helped to inform his practice as a Speechreading Instructor.

He has written two documents pertaining to hearing loss: The first is entitled “Problems Living with Deafness/Hearing Loss for Post Secondary in the Educational Setting: Working towards Solving Strategies”. This document was presented to the South East Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in Moncton, NB. The second is “Understanding Hearing Loss.” This educational module is used to heighten awareness on hearing loss to various organizations as well as in the public or private sectors in our area.

As a volunteer, Rhéal has served as a past President (3 terms) for the CHHA, Moncton Branch. He is now the Vice President for the NB Chapter for the 3rd term and a past National Board of Directors with CHHA (1 term). He is also the past President with “Go Ahead Seniors” (2 terms) and now Vice President.

Finally, Rhéal believes in the growth and the development of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, and is passionate in contributing to this cause.

Gladys Nielsen
English Speechreading Super Instructor

Gladys Nielsen serves on the board of the MB Chapter of CHHA, is a Past President, and also served on the National Board.

Gladys received a cochlear implant at Sunny Brook Hospital in 1995 after some years of being profoundly deafened. She has taught classes in speechreading and coping strategies to assist those living with hearing loss for over 20 years. She joined CHHA in 1988 and through public speaking to various community groups promotes awareness of hearing loss and the resources available.

She has lived in Manitoba all her life, is a graduate of Red River Community College, and a proud Mom and Grandma. She enjoys travel and attending conferences to keep up with current devices and changes in technology.

Cindy Gordon
English Speechreading Super Instructor

Cindy Gordon has been a Rehabilitation Practitioner for 35 years and has worked with a multitude of disabilities. The past 25 years have focused on hearing loss. She has been profoundly hard of hearing since her youth, and pioneered peer-to-peer counselling in Edmonton by establishing the Hard of Hearing Resource Services at the University of Alberta in the early 1990’s. Presently she is co-owner and director of Bridges Support Services. This is an agency that provides workshops to the public on hearing loss, counseling, and prevention programs. She has been actively involved in CHHA and CHHA-Edmonton for 25 years and the Hard of Hearing Community and received the 2014 Marilyn Dahl award of Merit, 2010 Mayors Award and the 2004 Alberta Premier’s Council “Gary McPherson Award of Excellence” for her leadership work on issues of inclusion for persons with disabilities. Cindy is certified in Audiometric Technology and Conflict Resolution.

All of these qualifications led to an interest in Speech Reading! Having taken a course several years ago and updating it recently with the CHHA National Project; several successful sessions have now been run in Edmonton. Both levels being offered for 2016.

Married for 34 years, she is the mother of 4 children (3 additional daughter in laws) and 1 dog! A lot of communication going on there!!