The NSRP Online Tool is an e-learning platform that provides additional information and skills upgrading through a continuing education application, and is available to all speechreading instructors trained through the National Speechreading Program.

Several continuing education modules are available, each covering topics essential to speechreading instructors and provide additional training and resources that speechreading instructors can use in their Let’s Talk and Let’s Talk Some More courses, including:

  • Communicating with the Aging Ear Module - $45.00

    This module provides two manuals with the curriculum for an abridged speechreading and communications strategies course for seniors living in retirement residences.
  • Getting the most out of your Hearing Aids Module - $45.00

    This module offers a variety of resources for instructors to provide to their Let’s Talk participants to help them adjust to new hearing aids, improve their satisfaction with their aids, and offer guidelines for troubleshooting difficult listening situations.
  • Getting the most out of your Cochlear Implants Module - $45.00

    This module explores the journey of aural rehabilitation and re-training the brain to hear with a cochlear implant, and offers many resources for those who wish to practice listening in different situations to a variety of voices.
  • Living with Tinnitus Module - $30.00

    This module covers in depth information about tinnitus, a variety of self-help and other treatment options, and class activities for speechreading instructors to offer their course participants.
  • Assistive Listening Devices Module - $30.00

    This module compares a variety of assistive listening devices and the situations they are best suited for, and offers guidelines on how a person can select the best system for themselves.
  • Hearing Loss and Relationships Module - $30.00

    This module delves into how hearing loss can impact our closest relationships, with discussion on some common difficulties and possible solutions, as well as how to maintain healthy interactions.
  • Human Rights and Hearing Loss Module - $30.00

    This module provides an overview of Human Rights in Canada, the duty to accommodate, and a list of possible accommodations for people living with a hearing loss.
  • Facilitating Various Groups Module - $30.00

    This module examines how speechreading instructors can adapt to the needs of different types of class groups, such as those who have participants with mild, moderate, or severe to profound hearing loss, as well as mixed groups.
  • Encouraging Positive Group Dynamics Module - $30.00

    This module offers the opportunity for instructors to examine what can lead to dysfunctional group dynamics, to develop an understanding of the five key competencies of emotional intelligence, examine the role of effective communication in a group, and offers guidelines on how to communicate with your groups effectively.
  • Tips on Leadership and Group Facilitation Module - $30.00

    This module provides speechreading instructors with a powerful self-assessment tool to determine your personal leadership style, discusses a variety of leadership styles, and how to address difficult teaching situations.

Each module has been developed by professionals who have a deep appreciation for the needs of those who live with hearing loss. All modules have easy to follow text that mirrors the narration to ensure hearing accessibility, and can be accessed on a variety of devices (from your desktop computer, to your tablet or smartphone).

With each module on the NSRP Online Tool, you’ll receive a PDF copy of the course, access to additional resources, a Certificate of Excellence, and when you successfully complete your modules your increased qualifications will be posted on the NSRP website to show that you’ve upgraded your training.

To create your account, contact Alena Wickware at or call 613-526-1584, and indicate which course(s) you are interested in purchasing and the CHHA National office will set up your account.


All CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors are welcome to use the following resources for their Let’s Talk and Let’s Talk Some More courses.