Program Description

The National Speechreading Program is a three part project that includes: the creation of a National Guideline, the development of the training program, and finally the delivery of these training workshops.

The National Guideline will be developed by a Steering Committee comprised of hearing healthcare professionals from various organizations related to Speech Language Pathology, Audiology and non-profit groups with a vested interest in this field. Once established, the National Guideline will provide the parameters for the training workshops to follow.

Training to become an Instructor is broken into two parts, Level 1 and Level 2, which incorporates both Speechreading and coping skills. The manuals for each level provide the structure for the lessons, exercises and possible activities that can be done to assist in learning. An Online Tool will also be developed to help individuals once they have received training, to maintain their CHHA certification every two years, and to work on advancing their knowledge and skills independently.

The workshops will be provided across Canada in 6 major cities, by Super Instructors that are knowledgeable in the field of speechreading instruction. The dates for training will become available shortly, with links to the workshops available through this website; please see Instructor Trainee Education.

Upon completion of both levels, the Instructors will then be able to provide Speechreading and Coping Skills classes in their communities, privately or through their local CHHA branch. Please see Trained Instructors for provincial listings of Instructors who have successfully completed the training and to find classes in your area.