What is the CHHA National Speechreading Program (NSRP)?

The National Speechreading Program is a three-part project that includes the creation of a National Guideline, the development of the training program (consisting of 3 manuals, and an online tool), and finally the delivery of training workshops to Instructor Trainees.

Why is there a National Guideline?

As the practice of Speechreading Instruction is unregulated, CHHA recognized the need to guide the provision of this service and create a guideline to provide the best possible environment and standardization of methods to ensure uniform delivery across Canada.

What is the National Guideline?

The National Guideline is developed by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from The Ottawa Hospital, the Canadian Academy of Audiology, Speechreading Instructors, CHHA Staff and members of the CHHA Board of Directors. This document is designed to guide appropriate content, how speechreading workshops are delivered, backed by a systematic Literature Review of best practices from academic sources. The National Guideline has also been reviewed by experienced Speechreading Instructors. The National Guideline is designed to create a mechanism for quality control, for speechreading workshops offered by CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors.

How many instructors are going to benefit from this program?

The goal of the program is to train about 50 Speechreading Instructors in six major cities across Canada.

How do I apply to take the instructor trainee workshops?

Go to the Apply to Become an Instructor Trainee application page in this website for full details on how to reach the CHHA National office or email

How are instructor trainees selected for training?

Once the initial application has been submitted through the NSRP website, you will receive a screening questionnaire via a follow up email. All successful applicants will be notified via email or telephone regarding their application, and more information will follow with the exact times and locations of your training session.

What languages will the training be available in?

The training will be offered in either English or French, depending on the location.

What is the cost to receive training as an instructor?

All workshops provided by the Super Instructor are able to instate a fee for their course at their discretion, if the training is provided via a CHHA Branch or Chapter, the Board of Directors is able to vote on and pass approval of a set fee for delivering this training. Please bear in mind that in addition to any course fees, the cost of the manuals is also applicable.

How long is the training?

There are two levels of training (Level 1 and Level 2); Level 1 consists of 5 days of training, and Level 2 consists of 3 days of training.

Who will provide the training?

There are 6 Super Instructors that can provide the workshops for Instructor Trainees. These Super Instructors are highly experienced Speechreading Instructors (3 speak English as a first language, and 1 speaks French as a first language). Please see the Super Instructors webpage for more information, or click this link.

Is there certification for taking this training?

Yes, all Instructor Trainees that successfully complete both Level 1 and 2 of the workshops, and pass the associated evaluations will receive a CHHA Certification of Speechreading Instructor Training. All CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors will have their name, location and specified contact information available through the NSRP website for referral purposes (if this is desired by the certified Speechreading Instructor).

How long does the certification last, once I’ve completed the training?

The certification does not have an expiry once the candidate has completed either Level 1 or Level 2 of the NSRP, however, all speechreading instructors are encouraged to upgrade their skills on a continuing basis by attending CHHA conferences (local and/or National), and by completing modules through the CHHA Online Tool. When you complete an module on the NSRP Online Tool, you’ll receive a PDF copy of the course, access to additional resources, a Certificate of Excellence and your increased qualifications will be posted on the NSRP website to show that you’ve upgraded your training.

CHHA National reserves the right to contact speechreading instructors in the event of a complaint about their speechreading courses to find a solution to any issues forthcoming; in situations where a speechreading instructor a) fails to follow the protocol outlined in the Hearing Help Instructors Manual, b) breaches the National Guideline in order to remedy the complaint.

In situations where the speechreading instructor commits an act that harms a participant of their course, including but not limited to an act of dishonesty, fraud, recklessness, carelessness, or grossly negligent performance, the CHHA National office reserves the right to annul that instructor’s certification, remove their posted information from the NSRP website and take any action necessary to assist the participant(s) forwarding the complaint.

Will there be an online component?

Yes, the online component of the NSRP is designed for continuing education for Speechreading Instructors that have successfully completed either Level 1 or 2 of the Instructor Trainee Program. To set up your private account, please contact the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association at

Do I have to teach through a CHHA Branch or Chapter, once I’ve completed the training?

Not necessarily, CHHA certified Speechreading Instructors are encouraged to work in liaison with a CHHA Branch or Chapter, you may also work as a Free Agent* and in so doing accept all responsibility and liability for organizing and providing speechreading workshops independently.

*The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association relieves itself of all liability for the actions and information bestowed by any and all Free Agents operating as CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors.

Can I charge a fee for offering speechreading classes to consumers with hearing loss, once I’ve completed the training?

All CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors that work in liaison with a CHHA Branch or Chapter, must follow the prescribed fees set by the related CHHA Branch or Chapter. Free Agents are unconstrained by CHHA in setting fees.

What if I have a question or concern regarding offering workshops to consumers with hearing loss, once I’ve completed the training?

All CHHA Certified Speechreading Instructors are encouraged to contact their Super Instructor in the event that they have a question or concern when offering workshops to consumers with hearing loss, via email or another method of contact offered by the Super Instructor or they can contact the CHHA National Office at 1-800-263-8086.

How is this project funded?

Project was funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program – Disability Component from April 2013 to March 2016.

Who do I contact for more information, or to answer a question not covered here?

For more information, please contact the CHHA National office at