Virtual Summercamp Meeting 2020

by Danielle Perron

The meeting

On Sunday, August 9th, 2020, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Young Adults Network (CHHA-YAN) and the International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People (IFHOHYP) co-hosted a virtual meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to inform potential participants on what to expect from the summer camp in 2021. There were around 23 participants that attended from Canada, Finland, the Philippines, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Hong Kong. According to the YAN co-host, Keegan Noxell, it was clear from the discussions that there was an interest from the IFHOHYP community to visit Canada. This meeting was a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the international hard of hearing community. “It was a truly unique experience bringing together an international community for the first time (in a virtual setting), during these challenging times”.

The meeting started with “a brief introduction to Canada for our international attendees”. Following, was a viewing of “clips from past Summercamp events, courtesy of IFHOHYP”. Then came the informative trivia game of Kahoot to learn about Canada. This game helped to inform non-Canadians about Canada but also was a lot of fun for even some of the Canadians who learned a few unknown facts about Canada. Afterwards, new details about future Summercamp 2021 were shared. The meeting ended with “light conversation to get to know one another”. The attendees now know what to expect upon arrival in Calgary. Needless to say, CHHA-YAN looks forward to planning for this event. If you are interested, save the date: August 8-14, 2021 in Calgary, AB.

My perspective

I attended the meeting and I can honestly say that I really benefited from the event. Not only did I learn some new facts on Canada through the fun game of Kahoot, I also learned that I can expect to be seeing a lot of nature and doing a lot of physical activities during the Summercamp that will be hopefully be hosted in the summer of 2021. Most activities will help participants learn leadership skills.

After the meeting, I had the opportunity to talk further with some participants. I got to connect with other hard of hearing persons in another country. While I got to know them personally, I am really pleased that I got a little insight on the reality of hard of hearing persons in the Philippines. With more virtual meetings like these, I hope to connect with more young adults with hearing loss to broaden my knowledge on what is being done around the world and be given the opportunity to share with them what is being done in Canada.