Youth Forum Testimonials

Youth Forum Testimonials

“Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, I did not have the opportunity to meet people who also had a hearing loss. However, this conference gave me the opportunity for the first time to share my experiences and stories with new friends who have similar daily experiences. It was incredible being able to spend time with new friends where we can instantly understand each other.

My takeaway message from this event was that we are all leaders in our communities and need to advocate for ourselves and others within our communities. As well, one of my highlights on this conference was meeting Speaker Regan (my MP) and sharing my experiences as a Hard of Hearing student in Nova Scotia. Another highlight was getting to know Canada’s capital through the Parliament building tour and visiting the National Museum in Quebec. Overall, I really enjoyed the youth conference and would definitely attend it again next year!”

Hannah Wade, Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“I loved that I now made new friends from all over Canada! I hope to see these guys again in the future in another forum!” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“It was an incredible opportunity to hear from all of these people and learn from them.” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“I thought the event was amazing. I was so sad the moment that I left because I have never felt so comfortable and accepted in an environment as I did at this conference.” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“My biggest takeaways from this experience were that I’m not alone and having the confidence to speak out loud about my needs. That I can be and do whatever I want to be. That my hearing loss is both a huge part of my identity and not my whole identity. There’s so much more to who I am!” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“The greatest takeaway from the Youth Forum was all the connections I made with wonderful and amazing young Canadians. It’s amazing how we are common with our hearing loss and yet so diverse with our background, challenges, struggles, successes and ideas. This forum truly made me appreciate the diversity within our Canadian community.” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“I feel very empowered and have gained more confidence in myself and I am excited for the changes that are to come ahead. I am glad that I now have so many new friends and that I was able to be in an element of being social and I didn’t feel shy or introverted as I usually am.
The speakers were great and I learned a lot from them. I know that’s it’s okay to always be advocating for myself and making sure that I am comfortable and make situations work for me and make sure that people understand me and my needs. The staff were very welcoming and accommodating.”
– Youth Forum Participant (2018)

“The full accessibility was amazing, and funnily tiring because I’m so used to hearing and lipreading out of habit. This time I had hearing, lipreading, reading the captioning, and watching the interpreter.” – Youth Forum Participant (2018)