Speak Up! E6: Farewell

Today marks the end of a fantastic journey, as Jason, Kaelan and I, Catherine records our last episode of the podcast and leave CHHA for the upcoming school term.  

As the producer of the podcast, I was nervous of finding a way to make the podcast accessible, but at the same time, I was determined to make it work. I must say, despite the stress, and multiple setbacks, it has become a fantastic show. 

Speak Up isn’t my first podcast, nor will it be my last, but it has become something dear to my heart.  A show where we can share our personal stories and discuss issues that not only matter to us but affect us as well.  

I do not know what the podcast’s future will look like. Perhaps summer students in the future will be able to continue with it and take it to new heights. Even so, I am proud of to have worked along aside hardworking individuals such as Jason and Kaelan, and I only offer them the best in their studies.  

Click here to listen/watch the final episode of the podcast.  

If you would like to listen to the previous episodes or learn more about the summer students who hosted it, click here for more information.  


Thank you again for listening to the podcast, and we will see you soon!