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CHHA’s  Web-based mentoring program is for people with hearing loss. It is designed to help individuals acquire those skills in managing their hearing loss in everyday life, which will help them to achieve optimal well being.

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CHHA is pleased to partner with Elections Canada to provide you with this interactive webinar where Lisa will explain all the key tools you require to be a part of the democratic process. Join in with her where she will discuss all the necessary information you need to be able to vote, what you will need to cast your ballot and she will describe how you can vote under special circumstances.

CHHA Celebrates World Hearing Day  by discussing hearing issues with wonderful panelists: Association board  chair, Marilyn Kingdon, National Executive  Director, Lee Pigeau, Minister of Health Patty Hajdu, and the founding member and former National President and the President  of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s British Columbia chapter.Dr. Ruth Warick. 

Andrew Thomas discusses the global perspective of hearing assistive technology, and how they see Canada adapting to similar trends in other countries where accessibility is further evolved. Professor Myers will explain his and others’ advocacy for people with hearing loss—via a transformation in assistive listening.

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Living with hearing loss is not easy for anyone. Things can get lost in translation when trying to communicate with love ones especially when raising a big family.

Healthy Living With Hearing Loss-In this unique webinar, Amy and Markus de Domenico will share their unique life while living and coping with hearing loss in their family of seven.

Even though hearing technology has drastically improved our ability to hear, spoken language is not always easy to understand especially in noisy listening situations. We can, however, strengthen our ability to understand spoken language in non-ideal listening environments by making ear candy.

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