Jason Lee

Jason Lee

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Jason is a third year student studying history at the University of Waterloo.  Jason experiences moderate-severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids to amplify his hearing. Because of his personal experiences , he aspires to be lawyer in the future and hopes to work in disability- related law such as accessibility education. Jason is one of hosts of the podcast and its captioner.

What are your thoughts on producing SPEAK UP?

Speak Up! has been a great opportunity for me to share more about my journey with various hearing loss issues, but also to learn more about others’ experiences. It has been eye-opening to see how the three of us can have some dramatically different experiences even with what would seem to be fairly similar conditions (that is, hearing loss). It has also been a pleasure to speak with talented and dedicated people who are making a difference in their own communities, like Le Peng, Tee and Abby Stonehouse.”

Just as the name suggests, Speak Up is all about advocating hearing loss issues, from accommodations, in university,  mask wearing, public accessibility while sharing personal stories in between.

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