Speak Up Podcast

Speak Up Podcast

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Just as the name suggests, Speak Up is all about advocating hearing loss issues, from accommodations, in university,  mask wearing, public accessibility while sharing personal stories in between.  

Meet the Summer Students

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Jason Lee

CHHA’s Program Assistant

Copy of Kaelan Fulford

CHHA’s Media Relations Officer 

Kaelan Fulford

CHHA’s Digital Resource Assistant

Podcast Episodes

E1: Accommodations in University

_Accomodations in University instagram

Today, the team discuss the importance of accommodations in university. From high school transition to lack of accommodations in university and much more!

E4: Cochlear Implants & Self-Acceptance

The CI Project & Self-Acceptance

Today, the team interviews Le Peng Tee, the founder of the CI Project, a platform where CI users get a chance to connect and share their stories, promoting self-acceptance.

E2: Living With Hearing Loss in a Pandemic


Today, the team discuss what is like to live during a pandemic with hearing loss, by arguing why clear masks are so important to the hearing loss community.

E5: Accessibility in Public Spaces

Accessibility in Public Spaces Instagram

Today, the team returns to the issue of accessibility, but this time looking at public spaces, such as transportation, and theatres, and determine how accessible Canada is.

E3: Accessible Comedy Shows


Today, the team interviews  comedian, producer and this year’s YAN summer camp’s moderator, Abby Stonehouse to discuss the importance of accessible shows.

E6: Farewell (End of season 1)

Farewell instagram

Today, the team bid their farewells to CHHA by going over their favorite memories, share their funny stories, and what they look forward in the future.