Partnerships that make a difference

Over the past year, we have all struggled through the challenges and restrictions of the current pandemic. During this time, we all know that people with hearing loss have been impacted further due to the standard face masks that conceal your mouth, therefore not allowing for facial expressions or lip-reading, creating a barrier to communication.

How it all began

In August 2020, CHHA National partnered with the Como Foundation, the producers of MyAccessMask, to bring an innovative solution to the market to reduce communication barriers and improve accessibility for people with diverse needs. The MyAccessMasks innovating transparent lens provides both health care protection as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while at the same time enabling us to see facial expressions and read lips when communicating with each other.

As a result of this partnership, our collective actions have raised awareness of the issue across Canada. In our joint national video campaign #ShareYourSmile, we continue to raise awareness on breaking down communication barriers for all. We have worked with Government, community service agencies, health organizations, and private businesses to promote accessible communication through wearing the MyAccessMasks. We know accessing services and communicating requires a two-way conversation, one without barriers, and the MyAccessMask has demonstrated its impact in a diverse range of environments to help achieve this.

We know the pandemic and its effects are not over yet. That is why we are proud to continue our partnership with the Como Foundation and the important advocacy and education work necessary to make our workplaces and community environments inclusive for all.

#ShareYourSmile across Canada

We have been making progress by connecting teachers with their students, health care workers with colleagues and patients, retailers with their customers, employers with employees, and even some celebrities!  This initiative continues and is making a difference by creating more inclusive environments. CHHA believes MyAccessMask with its transparent lens should be the universal standard option for most workplaces.



As our partnership evolves, the Como Foundation’s generosity continues with their fundraising campaign to donate $1.00 for every mask sold to support CHHA’s Mission and services across Canada. To date, we are excited to share that they have raised $___________in donations to invest in our programs and services. This contribution from the Como Foundation allows CHHA to advocate and bring education and hearing solutions to our members, employers, policymakers, and the public. This work is critical to addressing the challenges and removing the stigma of hearing loss to create inclusive and accessible services that positively impact Canadians’ wellbeing and lives.


Thank you from CHHA

On behalf of the CHHA National Board of Directors, our Staff, Network partners, and members across Canada, we would like to extend our continued gratitude to Sarah Veinot and Max Cucchiella, Co-Founders of the Como Foundation, for their commitment to our Mission and their financial contribution to support our programs and services.

Updates on the MyAccessMask.

  • The only cloth and transparent lens mask approved on the market by Health Canada
  • Three ply-protective layer – meets Level 1 and Class 1 specifications by American Standards Testing Materials
  • Environmentally friendly with nontoxic dyes and reusable for up to 30 washes
  • Soft cloth, comfortable to wear, flexible and easily stored.


Let’s keep sharing every dollar counts

Please join us and support our #ShareYourSmile Campaign. Send us your photo so we can #ShareYourSmile