Our Impact: A Town Called Vernon

The city of Vernon, BC (population c.65000) is located at the north end of beautiful Okanagan lake. It is a popular retirement destination with most of its citizens in the 55 to 75 age group, many of who are hard of hearing. It is also now one of the most ‘looped’ cities in Canada. It wasn’t always this way. When Dave Moore of Auris Loops emigrated to Vernon from the UK in 2015 there were no hearing loops in the town, now there are nearly 40 installed.

“I wear two hearing aids with T-Coils, and in Europe, Hearing Loops are everywhere. I could not believe that none were installed and that audiologists were not discussing T-Coil options with their clients”.

There are now Loops in 18 churches, 8 retirement homes, 2 Theatres, 1 Library (plus counter loops), 1 Council Chambers, 2 Pharmacies, 3 Hotel conference rooms, and 4 Other public meeting places.

It has made a very significant positive impact in keeping the hard of hearing community engaged. Here are just a few comments from that community:

Residential Homes

“The residents that use the hearing loop system are extremely happy and I would recommend the hearing loop to any place/organization that has a number of people with hearing aids, as it will make a difference to the quality of their life.” – Jerry Tellier, Vernon Restholm


“The Church recently added the Auris Hearing Loop System to its Sanctuary. Costs were minimal in comparison to other options. It has made a significant improvement to the quality of worship being received by those wearing hearing aids. We foresee the ability to make better use of our Sanctuary space for community events because we are now able to provide improved hearing to guests.  -Rev. Teresa Charlton, Knox Presbyterian Church, Vernon


“The installation of the induction hearing loop system technology has made a remarkable and positive difference for many of our patrons. The loop services our entire lower house – 500 patrons – and we look forward to providing appropriate sound directly to the many people here in Vernon who were unable to enjoy performances before the installation. I hope that you will be able to install the Auris loop system in other public buildings in this area, as it will be a benefit to so many people. Please let me know if you have another organizations considering installing it in their building – we will do our best to find time to demo this system with you.” – Pamela Burns Resch, Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre


After recently installing the Auris Hearing Loop, we have received several accolades for having the foresight to install this amazing product. I can wholeheartedly recommend Auris Hearing Loops as a valuable and complementary addition to any banquet or meeting facility”. – Robert Glattfelder, President, Village Green Hotel, Vernon

Even The Audiologists Are Onboard.

I have been an Audiologist for over 18 years. My greatest frustration throughout my career has been trying to counsel and help hearing aid (HA) wearers and cochlear implant (CI) users cope with – or rather, tolerate – their struggles to hear in adverse listening environments. It is frustrating because many of the struggles are not necessary. Many problems HA wearers and Cl users face daily are due to three main factors: Noise. Reverberation. Distance.

Induction loops get sound directly into HAs or Cls straight from the sound source, without noise or reverberation, and whether the listener is 5 feet away or 500 feet away. The listener only needs to be inside the loop to benefit. I cannot advocate for induction loops enough and am thankful this region now has a seasoned, qualified, induction loop installer. Induction loops are cost
effective, simple to use, and allow those with hearing loss to maximize their hearing potential. Too many people give up things they used to attend or enjoy because they cannot hear. Some children with hearing loss don’t even realize what they are missing. Places of worship, community centers, school classrooms, conference rooms, theatres, airports, workplaces, ticket booths, sporting events, etc. can be looped to help individuals with hearing loss understand, enjoy, and participate in society.

Hearing loss sufferers have a right to feel included and hear as well as possible. We have the tools – we just need to use them!