Message from the Board of the Young Adult Network

As COVID-19 sends the world reeling, this is an unprecedented time for everyone.

Many of you started 2020 looking forward to attending Summercamp 2020. Our International Delegates were looking forward to a trip across the Atlantic Ocean. We, the board, started 2020 with goals to give you the best glimpse into what Canada has to offer. As the year unfolded, it is increasingly clear that the pandemic situation is not slowing down. As we assessed the situation, it is clear we no longer can guarantee your health, and travel will be difficult if it is allowed at all. Due to the uncertainties, the board has decided that the Summercamp 2020 will be postponed until August 2021 at the same venue. This will give the world the time to recuperate from the coronavirus and we will all be able to meet and have a safe experience. If you have any questions about Summercamp please email:

The CHHA-Young Adults Network and IFHOHYP make a very diverse group made of people of all backgrounds, and, to date, none of us are unaffected by this virus. We understand that many of you are affected by or know someone affected by the situation. This is a problem far greater than what each of us can handle, so we want to acknowledge everyone’s role in beating this tribulation together.

Our thoughts are with those directly affected by COVID-19. We wish the best for you and your family’s recovery and healing.

We cannot understate the efforts of those who are working essential jobs such as healthcare, grocery, logistics, utility, and many more so that the society can and will continue to work. We thank you.

For those of you staying home whether you are studying, been laid off from your job, or taking care of your family’s and your own health. We applaud those who continue to volunteer in these challenging times.

As we tackle the coronavirus, we are all seeing new challenges as people with hearing loss, such as dealing with masks for those of us who rely on facial expression. As mentioned, this is an unprecedented time for each of us. We are looking to implement virtual events and will have more in the upcoming times. We want to hear from you about your difficulties, concerns, hope, and achievement, so we can understand how we can help. For those of you who want to say something about your hearing loss in this situation, please email:

As difficult and uncertain as it will be, together we can beat this and regain our sense of normality.

We hear you.

Young Adult Network
Board of Directors