Across Canada, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
Raising Awareness about Hearing Loss and Hearing Health

(For Immediate Release) Tuesday, May 7, 2019, Ottawa- May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, a month dedicated to educating the public about speech disorders and hearing loss. At the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), this occasion allows us to celebrate our accomplishments, showcase who we are and put hearing health on the national stage.

Since 1982, the CHHA has been the leading consumer advocacy organization representing the needs of the nearly 4-million people living with hearing loss in Canada. With a network from across Canada, CHHA is the only national organization helping Canadians overcome the barriers faced when living with hearing loss.

During Better Hearing and Speech Month the CHHA would like you to pay attention to your hearing and how precious it is. Protecting your hearing now will help you as you move forward in your life.

Some statistics about hearing loss include:

  • 40% of adults aged 20-79 have some form of hearing loss (Stats Canada, 2016 census).
  • 78% of Adults 60-79 experience hearing loss, some of this bilateral (both ears) (Stats Canada, 2016 Census).
  • 53% of Canadians age 3 -79 have used earbuds or headphones to listen to music, movies or other audio in the past 12 months. 1/3 of these people have the volume set at ¾ maximum volume (Stats Canada, 2016 Census).
  • 446 million people in the world live with hearing loss (World Health Organization, March 3, 2019).
  • 1 Billion young people in the world ages from 12-35 are at risk of hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sound (World Health Organization, March 3, 2019).

Christopher T. Sutton, CHHA National Executive Director says, “as a person who has lived with a profound hearing loss my whole life, I know firsthand the impact hearing loss has on one’s life. Hearing loss affects people in many ways. We are continually working towards bringing awareness and people together, to further highlight the importance of the services and support available. This is what we expect to achieve at our upcoming Educational Conference and Trade show which will be held at the end of this month in Montreal. Bringing people together from all over Canada sharing knowledge, networking and raising awareness, that is the goal.”

“There is so much you can do on a daily basis” says Myrtle Barrett, CHHA, President. “Turn down the music to a tolerable level, there is no need to have it so loud the person in the seat beside you can hum along to the same song you are listening to. If you are in a noisy workplace, have the decibel level checked by Workplace Safety. You have the right to request hearing protection be provided. These are your individual rights as a person in the workplace. As Canadians we celebrate the month of May as it is heralding the end of a long winter for most of us, but as a person with hearing loss, we are pleased to have May designated as Speech and Hearing Awareness Month. This month gives us the occasion to celebrate who we are and to promote our rights for full integration into society. We also take the opportunity to thank those who works with us, and on behalf of us to create an accessible Canada.”

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association has many events planned throughout the month of May to highlight the importance of hearing health and raise awareness about prevention, assistive technologies and communication strategies for Canadians living with hearing loss, concluding with our Educational Conference and Trade Show, being held in Montreal May 30-June 2, 2019. This conference will bring together consumers and professionals to focus on issues related to hearing health and hearing healthcare. The dedicated themes of the conference will center on Hearing Health and Hearing, Assistive/Adaptive Technology, Smart Technology and Digital Literacy, Healthy Living and Aging and building your network capacity. This is the only fully accessible conference for persons with hearing loss in Canada.

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About the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) was established in 1982 and is Canada’s leading consumer advocacy organization representing the needs of the nearly 4-million people living with hearing loss. With a network across Canada, CHHA works cooperatively with professionals, service providers, government and provides life enhancing information, support and advocacy to ensure people with hearing loss are able to overcome barriers in all aspects of their lives. CHHA has a global reputation in developing and delivering a wide range of initiatives that have challenged the status quo when working with people with hearing loss. As a leader in the sector CHHA is sought after to provide comments and feedback on various policy initiatives, identify best practices, develop and test technology, which in return has advanced the quality of life for people living with hearing loss.

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