Hearing Loops

Hearing Loops

Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop systems (also known as hearing loops, or loop systems) use an electromagnetic (EM) field to transmit sound. Induction loop systems technically work with flux coils but are more commonly known as telecoils (or t-coils). This type of technology picks up modulated electromagnetic frequencies and converts them into sounds that are picked up by personal amplification devices, such as hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids, or cochlear implant processors.

For most induction loop systems, a wire is taped to the floor or baseboards around the perimeter of the room, and acts as an antenna to transmit the audio signal through the EM field. One benefit of using an induction loop system with personal amplification devices (such as hearing aids or cochlear implants) that have a telecoil, is that no additional headphones or receivers are needed.

While induction loop systems require very little maintenance once set up, they can be susceptible to electrical interference. Therefore, it is important that this system is installed correctly to produce an adequate signal for a telecoil to pick up. Unlike proprietary systems such as Bluetooth systems, telecoils do not drain the batteries on a hearing aid or cochlear implant any faster than the microphone program, and telecoils work with all induction loop systems – regardless of the brand of the hearing aid/cochlear implant.

A hearing healthcare practitioner can provide information and support on telecoils and systems that will help with listening to the TV.

Induction Loop system


Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming works by sending the audio signals from a pre-amplifier or mixer digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. A low-cost audio streamer processor replaces the old-style analog transmitters (such as FM or IR systems). Many people who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants are able to stream audio from their smartphones using Bluetooth technology, allowing them to listen to the audio with the amplification level prescribed by their audiologist. With multiple Wi-Fi Access Points the system is scalable for virtually any venue.

Audio Streaming System