CHHA is continuously striving to seek innovative opportunities to bring the spotlight on the barriers facing those living with hearing loss. We have initiated and participated in various projects as part of our advocacy efforts.

Inspire Democracy

As everyone is aware a federal election will be called this year. At the present time we are waiting for the election writ to be dropped but all indicators show it will be no later than Monday October 21, 2019.

In anticipation of the upcoming election, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association has entered into a project with Elections Canada entitled “Inspire Democracy” a program aiming to reduce barriers to voting through civic engagements and information activities. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association wants to ensure the federal elections are accessible to persons with hearing loss in Canada. To be clear we are working directly with Elections Canada, not a political party, to ensure your needs are met during the election and at the polling stations.

In the upcoming months you will see social media posts from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association with information on how you can be included in this election. You will be provided with resources on how you can be employed by Elections Canada should you be interested in working on a federal election. Positions that could be available in your riding are as follows:

• deputy returning officer
• poll clerk
• information officer
• registration officer
• central poll supervisor

On Thursday July 18, 2019 we will be hosting a webinar that features Juan Melara-Pineda from Elections Canada discussing how you can work and be involved with the next federal election. This promises to be an exciting webinar loaded with information on how you can contribute. To register, please visit:

This is just the beginning of our involvement with Elections Canada. We are kicking this off with this special edition of iListen providing you information on CHHA’s involvement in the federal election. In the near future you will see several articles appear in upcoming iListen publications, posts on Facebook, Twitter and our website providing information on the upcoming election. Please share any of these posts on your own social media feeds to help us get the messages to everyone.

We are already looking forward to September when there will a second webinar featuring Elections Canada where they will be describing your accessibility rights and what you can expect to see during the election process. There will be more details on this as the time draws closer so stay tuned. Remember this is your federal election and you have the right to be included and to make your vote heard.



The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and its 19 Spotlight Partners sought to consult and engage invisible disability stakeholders in Canada to provide information contributing to the development of federal accessibility legislation. The consultations reviewed current challenges and explored ways in which federal accessibility legislation can create an environment to provide all Canadians the resources to thrive as full participants in Canadian society.

Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities: Community Consultations and Accessible Legislation

Video showcasing what the Spotlight Project is about and how you can be involved

Youth Perspectives:
Changing attitudes towards people with non-visible disabilities

Event held in November 2017 as part of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project

Panel Discussion with Disability Community: recommendations towards the new federal accessibility legislation

Event held in May 2017 as part of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project


The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) has developed a suite of resources to help people living with hearing loss, CHHA’s Chapters and Branches and the public recognize and use the accessibility features available, how they can get involved in improving upon current features, as well as opportunities for growth, links to resources and regulations.

Visit CHHA’s Broadcasting Accessibility Hub for more information