Speech Instructor Training in Chilliwack

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Speech Instructor Training offered Aug 30 – Sept 3, 2018 in Chilliwack
There is room for more potential instructors for this training class. If you have taken speechreading classes, have experience with audiology/speech pathology or Deaf education, you might be well qualified to take this 5-day Speechreading Instructor training to teach Let’s Talk (LT).
This program was developed by experienced hard of hearing speechreading instructors throughout Canada through the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA). There is a growing demand for speech reading training among adults and seniors experiencing hearing loss.
Leslee Scott is CHHA’s Western Instructor to provide instructional training for this program. If you are interested and available to take this training on Aug 30-Sept 3, 2019, please contact Leslee at leslee@idhhc.ca .