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CHHA « Living with Hearing Loss Webinar Series » presents:
Being Hard of Hearing in a Pandemic Situation
A lighter look at coping with your hearing loss in a world of self isolation, masks and uncertainty

Monday March 30, 2020 at 3pm EDT

Please join us on Monday March 30, 2020 at 3 pm as we present speaker Gael Hannan. Gael will be presenting a lighthearted look at living through these trying times with COVID-19 rapidly changing our lives. How should we interact with people? What is going on behind those masks? How should we social distance when we speech read? How do we deal with self-isolation?

Gael Hannan is a humorist, public speaker and writer on hearing loss issues. In her 25 years of advocacy, Gael has created award-winning performance works and educational programs that explain the life with hearing loss and the tools for kicking down its barriers. She is a regular contributor to HearingHealthMatters.org, Canadian Audiologist journal, and other publications. Gael’s acclaimed book, The Way I Hear It, has received international acclaim from people with hearing loss and the professionals that serve them.

For more information please email events@chha.ca


Inspire Democracy:
Make a Plan to Vote!!


Through this webinar, Elections Canada encouraged you to “Make a Plan” to vote, and they want to assist you in making a successful plan. This webinar was an exciting, interactive hour on what you need to ensure your vote is counted in the upcoming election. Guest speaker Lisa Drouillard joined Elections Canada in August 2014 as Director of Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement. Over the past 20 years in the federal government, Lisa has worked with a range of stakeholder groups, not-for-profits, research institutions and government departments on policy and program development.

Inspire Democracy:
Get Involved in the 2019 Federal Election


Event held on July 18, 2019 as part of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Living with Hearing Loss Webinar Series. A Federal Election is being planned for Autumn 2019. Elections Canada has launched an initiative to better inform electors, about voting, and the different ways to take part in the democratic process for the next federal election. This webinar will explain more on the federal election, how you can participate and how you can apply to work at the election.

The Recipe for “Ear Candy”
(a.k.a., Listening That’s Understood!)

This webinar was held on June 8, 2019 as part of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Living with Hearing Loss Webinar Series. The event focused on ingredients of ear candy (listening success) and how they can be sourced, put together and made. Karen MacIver-Lux shared some practical strategies that can be used by the listener and his/her loved ones to facilitate the development of new auditory skills and/or strengthen existing auditory skills. These practical strategies can be used naturally throughout the day at work or home within meaningful conversations and situations.

Youth Perspectives:
Changing attitudes towards people with non-visible disabilities

Event held in November 2017 as part of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project

Panel Discussion with Disability Community: recommendations towards the new federal accessibility legislation

Event held in May 2017 as part of the Spotlight on Invisible Disabilities Project