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Kaelan is a third year student studying sociology and heath studies at Queens University. As the only cochlear user on the team, Kaelan experiences profound bilateral hearing loss.  She aspires to get into teaching sociology and public health. Kaelan is one of the hosts of the podcast, and helped with brainstorming ideas for the episodes.

What are your thoughts on producing SPEAK UP?

“I was excited to start the podcast because it allows us to further advocate on all content hearing loss related, and being hard of hearing myself I felt this podcast was extremely important because I know would have benefited from a source of input regarding hearing loss issues in order to help myself better navigate through life. The podcast allows for a perfect combination of personal stories as well as real life topics, so it allows us to see how people can have very different experiences within a certain topic.”

Just as the name suggests, Speak Up is all about advocating hearing loss issues, from accommodations, in university,  mask wearing, public accessibility while sharing personal stories in between.

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