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Catherine is a third year student studying political science at the University of Toronto. As a hearing aid user, she experiences high frequency hearing loss.  Catherine aspires to be advocate for disabilities through law, and writing inspiring stories for children with disabilities. Catherine is one of the hosts of the podcast, and is Speak Up’s producer.

What are your thoughts on producing SPEAK UP?

“As someone who isn’t a stranger to podcast production, I was quite nervous as to how it will pan out considering that podcasting is a medium that is mainly auditory. Yet at the same time, I was eager to get another chance to discuss hearing issues that impact my life greatly. One thing I hope that viewers will take away from the podcast is that even though hearing loss is invisible, they impact a majority of Canadians, in various ways that need to be addressed by the general public.”

Just as the name suggests, Speak Up is all about advocating hearing loss issues, from accommodations, in university,  mask wearing, public accessibility while sharing personal stories in between.

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