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Welcome To The CHHA Online Hearing Loss Mentoring Program

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CHHA National is proud to announce that we are now providing our Online Hearing Loss Mentorship Program across the country!  With an initial launch and great success in BC, we are thrilled that we can now provide the same peer and mentoring support services from coast to coast.

On this website you will find links to general information on various aspects of coping with hearing loss, from people who themselves have a hearing loss; and confidential one-to-one chat rooms, for those seeking guidance and mentoring in adjusting to their own hearing loss.

To access the mentors, just click on the MENTOR PROGRAM link in the header and follow directions.

Persons with hearing loss have a range of emotional and practical issues which have a severe impact on relationships, job performance and other activities. One problem is that, in most instances, the person with the hearing loss does not know how to tell others about their problem hearing, and how to communicate in a facilitative way. These are skills which have to be taught.

Experience has shown that they are most effectively taught through peer interaction.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association have recognized expertise in providing peer support programs for hard of hearing and deafened persons. It’s Managing Your Hearing Loss courses and Branch programs have been offered for over thirty years. These courses and programs have helped many people throughout the province to implement effective personal strategies to cope with their hearing loss, and many have gone on to similarly help others.

For further information or to provide a comment, please contact us.