Lipreading: How does it Work?

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Not everyone can lipread, but there is no harm in giving it a try.  

To lipread, it is important to have a clear visual on the speaker’s lips movement and their expression in order to interpret what they are saying. 

Lipreading requires looking at visual cues from the lips, tongue and jaw movement which are associated with different sounds of speech such as F,V,PH,P,B,M,TH.  

In terms of body language, pay attention to the eyes, eyebrows, shoulder movement and hand movement. These body expressions will offer you a bit of context and an understanding of mood or tone to pick up on sarcasm. 

You won’t be able to get every single word, but ideally get the main idea of every sentence through “filling in the blanks.” Learning how to lipread takes a lot of focus, patience, and practice. However, it is very possible to do it! 

If you would like to improve your lipreading skills, check out Read Our Lips. It is an online course so you can learn how to lipread from home.