Share Your Smile Campaign

Share Your Smile Campaign

#ShareYourSmile Campaign

CHHA Members have expressed  their concerns about barriers to communication while we all protect our health. HUMASK Pro-Vision provides you with Level 2 & 3 ASTM Medical Grade PPE Protection Compliant with Health Canada. The anti-fog lens enables you to improve communciation and connect with others more effectively.

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Humask has extended the special promotional 25% off discount extended valid until Oct 31, 2021!

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We have launched a national campaign, #ShareYourSmile to raise awareness and increase the use of clear lens masks as a universal practice that improves accessible communication and makes your service environments more inclusive.

Communication is visual. Standard face masks block faces and prevent our ability to see facial expressions and emotions along with  visual cues to communicate.

#ShareYourSmile with us post your photos or videos on our social media channels where clear lens masks are being worn in your community!

Humask and CHHA have partnered to bring you this unique Mask…Providing Protection and Improving Communication.

Visit CHHA E-Store clear lens masks available for purchase!

Join our Campaign #ShareYourSmile!