Speak Up! E5: Accessibility in Public Spaces

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Today’s episode, the team returns to the issue of accessibility, but this time looking at public spaces, such as transportation, and theatres.  

We all know how the pandemic has made things difficult when it comes to communication in the hearing loss community, but as vaccines show the hope of return to normal, it is important to remember that our “normal” is not accessible either.  

As the team stresses, there is a huge communication barrier when it comes to transportation. Many announcements that are made on the bus or train or at airports are not visual for those who have hearing loss to have a full understanding of where they are going and if there is an emergency.  

Another point of frustration is captions at theatres. Like everyone else, individuals with hearing loss, love to have fun, and entertainment such as films is one way of spending their weekends. However, due to the fact that most theatres and or movie studios do not provide captions along with the movie, and audiences dislike seeing captions or subtitles as they consider it tacky.  

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