Code of Conduct and Training

Code of Conduct and Training

Code of Conduct

Participants in the program must agree to the following codes of conduct:

  1. Establish a schedule of communications, for example once a week or other.
  2. Keep strictly confidential all information shared and obtained as a result of the mentoring process. Not discuss or share any such information outside of the mentoring situation under any circumstances unless agreed upon, in advance, by all parties concerned.
  3. Always be respectful of one another.
  4. When posting messages in the chatroom, do not reveal anything about yourself that you would not feel comfortable revealing to a stranger you met on the street..
  5. Do not post or promote content that is illegal; post or link to content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, or sexually explicit.
  6. Do not pretend to be anyone whom they are not.
  7. Refrain from requesting meetings with your mentor, unless the meeting is arranged by a volunteer supervisor of the program.

Mentor Training

All mentors must meet certain criteria to be admitted to the CHHA Online Hearing Loss Mentoring Program.

  1. These criteria include being a member of CHHA;
  2. have a hearing loss and some length of experience in wearing a hearing device (hearing aid, cochlear implant, BAHA) and experience using assistive listening devices;
  3. education and or training in coping strategies for managing hearing loss;
  4. comfortable and familiar with using the internet;
  5. must then take the Mentor Training provided by CHHA, for this program.
  6. must also commit to a full year of mentoring, and to being regularly available in their own private chat room.
  7. must also pass a Criminal Record Check before being accepted into the program.

If you want to become a mentor, contact

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