Accessible Online Classes – for Yoga

by Jessica Niemela

When the pandemic hit us last March, an important activity that “shut down” for me was in-person yoga classes. My yoga instructor made the transition to teaching her classes online, which now seems to be the trend in the general fitness community. At first, I was a bit skeptical—do I really want to practice yoga in front of my computer? When I go to the yoga studio, I drop anything that is going on at home and/or work at the door and allow myself to have an hour for myself; I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do this same “drop off” if I was practicing at home (or at work on my lunch break for that matter).

So, I gave it a try, and realized doing yoga online was different but there are actually some positive benefits that I wouldn’t get in person. The first benefit is the classes are uploaded online and available anytime, which really works well when you have a child and you need to get that 10:00 p.m. yoga session in after everyone else has gone to bed. The other biggest benefit for me, is that my instructor’s platform (Facebook) recently enabled uploaded videos to have captions! When I go to in-person classes (with a hearing loss), I really rely on visual cues to know which position I am supposed to do next. I keep my eyes opened when we are told to close them for instance.

In doing classes online now, it has relieved some of that anxiety, especially now that if I miss something, I can glance at the captions and know what was said. As we move into an online world, I feel that having the option for captions should be the norm and should be advocated for if your online classes (and not just for fitness) do not already have them.

If you are interested in trying yoga (with captions!) or are looking for a different instructor, here is the biography and more information for the instructor I practice with, Danielle Champagne. If you love your instructor but wish you had captions, ask for them! Let’s take advantage of the accessibility options online!

Danielle has been practicing yoga for 20+ years, and teaching since 2010, when she began sharing her journey through yoga and personal development. Incorporating elements of Yin, Power, Yinyasa, Meditation, Breath, Martial Arts, and so much more, no two classes are ever the same. Inspired by life, in its darkness and light, Danielle encourages focus on realizing our inner and outer strengths, and utilizing the power of the mind and the body to create and sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with deep awareness. Awaken to your ideal self, and build the confidence to create your reality, and uncover your soul purpose. Through a variety of practices and inner discipline we all can live to our greatest well-being from inside out. Check out her website at: to learn more and get in contact.