Sheila Serup

Sheila Serup

Member at Large
Calgary, AB
Board Member Since 2017

As a person living with a hearing loss, Sheila is passionate about creating an inclusive society for all people with disabilities. Her background includes: an MBA, accreditation as a business communicator, and over 20 years experience in regulatory, legal, private, public and non-profit sectors. As an executive director in a non-profit providing education programs for youth, she has built relationships and financial stability.

As CHHA-Calgary president, building financial viability has enabled the Calgary branch to provide and donate accessible looping systems to three public spaces, including the Calgary airport. Sheila has served on 12 other boards including MEC, and the CHHA national board.

Sheila will use her leadership skills, financial acumen, advocacy, and collaboration to build a stronger and sustainable CHHA for future generations. Inclusion for all people with hearing loss matters in areas of education, employment, communications, and medical services among others. Sheila believes it is important for people to work together to ensure access for many.

Sheila believes in strengthening and bringing together chapters and branches, the Young Adults Network and cochlear implant groups. Sheila plans to lead an active board and committees in strategic planning, advocacy, fund development, and membership. As Vice-President, she will serve to ensure CHHA is a strong voice for Canadians who are hard of hearing.