2020 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Scholarship Recipients. These four individuals were selected from a group of many worthy applicants and succeeded against tough competition. Thank you to all who applied and please feel free to apply again.

The Frank Algar Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) was created in 2004 by the Algar family in memory of their father who was one of the founding members of CHHA.

The Dr. Charles A. Laszlo Scholarship ($1,000) was created in 2007 by Dr. Doreen Laszlo to honour the commitment and work of her husband on behalf of hard of hearing people.

The Carrell Hearn Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) is offered by the North Shore Branch in memory of this long-time member and resident of West Vancouver who passed away in 2014 at the age of 105.

The Susan Brown Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) is sponsored annually by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association -Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter.

More about this year’s winners can be found below:

Recipient: Fiona Wilson
School: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Program of Study: Master of Applied Psychological Science (Co-operative)

Testimonial: “Fiona is a dedicated, dependable and hard-working student who is deeply invested in her research and is always prepared to face a challenge. She went above and beyond to ensure that families had an enjoyable experience when participating in research at our lab”

Personal statement:  My plan for the upcoming year is to complete my master’s degree and to then further my education by becoming trained as a clinical or counselling psychologist. I plan to become certified in assisting individuals in a variety of areas, including learning disabilities and other disabilities, impairments, chronic pain, anxiety, grief, addiction, and couples/family therapy/counselling. I believe that a comprehensive approach to understanding the various aspects of individuals, including aspects that are influenced by various disabilities and the influence of disabilities themselves, is the most beneficial in assisting individuals as a whole. I also plan to continue my research at the Societal Cognition Laboratory regarding regional stereotypes and hope to be able to conduct research regarding the ways in which individuals view hearing loss and learning disabilities in an effort to uncover how to reduce stigma around hearing loss/wearing hearing aids and learning disabilities.

Recipient: Kaelan Fulford
School: Queen’s University
Program of Study: Faculty of Arts and Science

Testimonial: “Being integrated with a hearing loss poses a great many challenges for a student who must navigate the hearing world around them.  Kaelan was not only successful in her studies due to hard work and perseverance, but she also become a vibrant member of her school community.  Kaelan’s work ethic, giving personality and positive attitude have made her a role model for all students, not only for those living with hearing loss.”

Personal statement: I hope to explore options in teaching, social work, and public health. Should I be a teacher, I hope to teach at the secondary level in social science fields, such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology. In social work, I would hope to provide people with the resources and connections to improve their current living situation. I believe I could make a difference no matter how small or large

Jamie Sassi
School: McMaster University
Program of Study: Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery

Testimonial: “Throughout the year, Jamie demonstrated a strong competence in critical thinking, equity-based learning, and the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world clinical contexts. As a whole, the students in McMaster Midwifery program are particularly outstanding, motivated students, and Jamie is no exception. Most impressive is Jamie’s ability to work hard and achieve academic success.“

Personal statement: I am currently in my final year of the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University. After I graduate next summer, I plan to work as a Registered Midwife serving women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I hope to be able to practice in a community with under-served populations

Recipient: Aneca Su
School: University of Alberta
Program of Study: Applied Mathematics with minor in Statistics

Testimonial: “Living and learning with a profound hearing loss could have easily deterred Miss Su from striving to achieve her lofty academic goals. However, in the face of this “barrier to access”, Miss Su made the choice to become stronger and more assertive. This was primarily demonstrated through Miss Su’s ability to effectively lead a staff meeting regarding the impact of her hearing loss on her educational experience.“

Personal Statement: “Ever since I was young, science has fascinated me: it always inspired a sense of awe every time I learned about the inner workings of nature. Later, understanding how scientific knowledge can be used to tackle real-life problems changed my perspectives. It was magical to watch how information in textbooks could be demonstrated in the real world.“