2019 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Scholarship Recipients. These four individuals were selected from a group of many worthy applicants and succeeded against tough competition. Thank you to all who applied and please feel free to apply again in the Fall.

The Frank Algar Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) was created in 2004 by the Algar family in memory of their father who was one of the founding members of CHHA.

The Dr. Charles A. Laszlo Scholarship ($1,000) was created in 2007 by Dr. Doreen Laszlo to honour the commitment and work of her husband on behalf of hard of hearing people.

The Carrell Hearn Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) is offered by the North Shore Branch in memory of this long-time member and resident of West Vancouver who passed away in 2014 at the age of 105.

The Susan Brown Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) is sponsored annually by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association -Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter.

More about this year’s winners can be found below:

Recipient: Laura Harris
From: North Vancouver, British Columbia
School: University of Ottawa
Program of Study: Nursing

Testimonial:Personal adversity and social awareness have inspired both my volunteer and vocational aspirations.”

I feel a passionate social responsibility to provide people with the same care and attention that I received my entire life. My life journey has led me to choose a career in nursing. In September, I will attend Ottawa University for my BSN. Following my nursing degree, I will pursue a Nurse Practitioner’s master’s degree so I can work with a greater autonomy.

My parents taught us that being hard of hearing was not an excuse, but instead, an opportunity to develop diverse strong work habits and advocacy skills, all while learning about human compassion.  I have tired to live my life by way of example, by being a compassionate person who is also a strong advocate for not only my needs, but the needs of others. I know that my life experiences and sense of social responsibility, will guide me in delivering compassionate healthcare to those Canadians most in need. This scholarship will help me reach my greatest potential in that endeavour.

Recipient: Jamie Sassi
From: Oakville, Ontario
School: McMaster University
Program of Study: Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery

Testimonial: “I am bold and confident in my approach to teaching others about hearing loss, and I am always excited to share my personal experiences as an effort to further increase knowledge and empathy towards those with hearing loss.”

After having been immersed in the world of health care when I lost my hearing in one ear as a teenager, I have been passionately pursuing the opportunity to return to the field of health care to work as a care provider. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate program in Midwifery – which would provide me with the necessary skills and qualifications to work as a Midwife in Ontario. I am so excited about working in a field that values women’s health and is working fervently to provide excellent quality maternity care for women during the intra-partum period.

I am an everyday advocate and fierce leader in the cause of advocating on behalf of people with hearing loss. I am bold and confident in my approach to teaching others about hearing loss, and I am always excited to share my personal experiences as an effort to further increase knowledge and empathy towards those with hearing loss. Further, I am dedicated to serving my student body community at McMaster by leading the McMaster Interprofessional Student Collaborative (MISC) to engage students in interdisciplinary events and projects. I am always eager to be an active member of my community at large and have been involved in activities which further the cause of people with hearing loss.

Aidan Medinic
From: Ottawa, Ontario
School: University of Ottawa
Program of Study: Honours Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Kinetics – Emphasis on biophysical sciences

Testimonial: “I love a challenge. What I love even more is helping others – to educate, motivate, and discipline.”

I aspire to be a Physiotherapist, Teacher, or Coach of some sort. Perhaps even a Doctor should the calling be right. I love a challenge. What I love even more is helping others – to educate, motivate, and discipline.

When I was a little boy, I would always be the one to show things to people and bring people together. I feel the path that I’m taking corresponds exactly to what I did with others during my childhood. I had so much energy and I wanted to share it with everyone. I love interacting with people. Whether I’m a Teacher/Coach educating/training young and senior minds alike and bringing them together through common purpose or a Mender (Doctor/Therapist) putting people back together, physically or mentally, and educating them while doing it, I am giving back from all those years that people have given to me – parents, healthcare professionals, friends, or even the upcoming that are now the little ones (children(for now)).  

Recipient: Julianna Vieveen
From: Beaverton, Ontario
School: Nipissing University
Program of Study: Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education with a major in Child and Family Studies

 Testimonial: “I have used my voice to bring out change within my school and my community.”

My career aspirations include becoming a teacher even though it will be difficult at times with a hearing loss, I will use my motivation to achieve my goals. To overcome this challenge, I will take advantage of all the technology that can help me to be successful.  I hope that I will find technology that best fits my needs.

After I finish University, I hope to become a teacher in the primary or junior grades because working with children is something I have always enjoyed.  I have a lot of experience working with kids through program like the Ontario Camp for the Deaf.  Being hard of hearing, I have had opportunities like volunteering at this camp and it has helped me to see how passionate I am about working with children.  I show advocacy for both myself and other hard of hearing people as well as to my community.