2018 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Scholarship Recipients. These three individuals were selected from a group of many worthy applicants and succeeded against tough competition. Congratulations!


Carrell Hearn Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Marco Chiaramonte
From: Vancouver, British Columbia  School: University of Victoria
Program of Study: Master of Arts Degree in Community Development
Testimonial: “I want to make a substantial contribution with the communities I serve.”

The Master of Arts in Community Development program allows me to pursue further education and research into issues affecting individuals with hearing loss. My goals are to fully understand and navigate policies, procedures, and legislation that affect the lives of people with hearing loss in our communities, the workplace, and in society.

I want to make a substantial contribution with the communities I serve. A Master of Arts Degree in Community Development will give me the knowledge and teaching tools to achieve my goals using principles of theoretical models and methodologies emerging in the community development field. The program curriculum includes many of the topics that would assist me to develop practical problem-solving skills as they relate to leadership, management and economic and social change for individuals with hearing loss.

Frank Algar Scholarship
Recipient: Emma Logan
From: Halifax, Nova Scotia
School: Saint-Francis Xavier University
Program of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration
Testimonial: “I refuse to stop learning. I love to learn new things and always seek opportunities to develop a new skill.”

This is an exciting time for me as I start to search for postgraduate opportunities! My short-term educational goal is to complete my finance degree. While studying finance, I practice my passion for art by taking a number of art courses, such as drawing and painting. In addition to finance and art, I have a huge interest for entrepreneurship. This comes from the creative side of me who likes to think outside the box and solve problems. I have been considering continuing my education after my undergrad by studying a masters in entrepreneurship.

I also advocate for others with hearing loss through the Rick Hansen Foundation. I am a qualified ambassador for this Canadian organization. This means that I have completed the training required that allows me to visit a school of any grade level and raise awareness about the many barriers people with disabilities (visible and invisible) face with accessibility. I, then, educate them on how we can work together to overcome those barriers. Being a part of the Rick Hansen Foundation has expanded my awareness on my own accessibility barriers in public areas as well as those faced by people with other disabilities. Again, it is important for me to be aware of these issues so that I can advocate for other Canadians, who face accessibility barriers by raising awareness and educating everyone on how we can work together to create an inclusive environment.

Dr. Charles A. Laszlo Scholarship
Recipient: Bradley Clarke
From: Prince George, British Columbia
School: College of New Caledonia/UNBC
Program of Study: Bachelor of Science Nursing (NCBNP)
Testimonial: “It is critical for me to be able to reflect upon my educational journey with pride. I strongly value hard work and integrity.”

It is important for me to pursue and achieve the best grades possible, as I believe this reflects upon my level of commitment and dedication to my career. Access to education is such an incredible opportunity and privilege that is often overlooked in North America. Not only do I aim to learn and empower myself with as much knowledge as possible, but as a Registered Nurse, the effort that I apply to my education will directly correlate with the quality of care that I may provide.

All throughout my life, despite my disability, achieving the highest grades has been important to me. More importantly, however, is that my peers and educators recognize me as a leader and a role model for other students. As I return to school in my mid-twenties, it brings me great joy to know that I represent hard-of-hearing student as one of the most academically successful students in my program. My goals moving forward will remain the same; I want to put forward maximum effort and become the most empowered, educated nurse North British Columbia has to offer.