The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s vision is to inspire and empower Canadians impacted by hearing loss.

Our Mission

Connecting Canadians impacted by hearing loss through advocacy, education and community engagement.

Our Values

We cherish diversity.
We break down walls and build bridges.
We drive Change.



We are very pleased to announce the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. This plans sets out the strategic direction we will undertake on issues that matter to our community.

CHHA E-Store

Barrier-Free Hearing Solutions & Communications Store

A Social Enterprise by CHHA that provides accessible communication and hearing solution products, services and resources to the hard of hearing community.


Accessible Communication

Raise awareness and increase the use of clear lens masks as a universal practice that improves accessible communication.T


Get Involved

CHHA educates, informs and inspires members to establish the best communication strategy to meet their individual needs.


Be Informed

Tailored resources, information and educational resources to build awareness of hearing issues.


Emergency Communication

A free text communication service enabling deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired persons in the event of an emergency.


90% of people with hearing loss can improve communication with hearing assistive technology, counseling or environmental changes.

85 decibels

Sounds over 85 decibels can be harmful to hearing, these could include: Rock concerts, dance clubs and MP3 players.

4 million

One out of ten Canadians, 4 million people have a hearing loss including 6 out of 1000 children. Of these six, nine out of ten are born to hearing parents.

4 in 1,000

Approximately 4 in 1,000 Canadian babies are born with some degree of hearing loss or will develop early progressive childhood hearing loss.