Share Your Smile Campaign

Share Your Smile Campaign

#ShareYourSmile Campaign

We have launched a national campaign, #ShareYourSmile to raise awareness and increase the use of clear lens masks as a universal practice that improves accessible communication and makes your service environments more inclusive.

Communication is visual. Standard face masks block faces and prevent our ability to see facial expressions and emotions along with  visual cues to communicate.

#ShareYourSmile with us post your photos or videos on our social media channels where clear lens masks are being worn in your community!

Humask and CHHA have partnered to bring you this unique Mask…Providing Protection and Improving Communication.

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Join our Campaign #ShareYourSmile!

Interested in being part of our #ShareYourSmile campaign and promoting accessible masks usage to promote better accessibility?

Your photos and videos will influence to create an inclusive environment for Canadians with hearing loss.

Should you wish to participate please complete and sign the CHHA media consent form (Download it here). Listed below are the ways you can participate in our #ShareYourSmile campaign. The consent form is only required for options 1 and 3.

(Click on each option title to expand more info)

Steps to take the photo:

  1. Wear your Humask and make sure your mouth is visible through the transparent window.
  2. Smile and take a selfie or photo of yourself.Tip: Please use the maximum photo resolution available on your camera or smartphone.

Instructions for Option 2:

  1. Wear your Humask and make sure your mouth is visible through the transparent window.
  2. Smile and take a selfie or photo of yourself.
  3. Post in your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn  with the #ShareYourSmile hashtag and tag CHHA on any of our accounts:
    Facebook (
    Twitter ) or
    Instagram )
  4. We will reshare your post in our social media accounts and tag you back.

Watch the previous campaign video above as an inspiration so that you can better understand what we are looking for.

Steps to take the video:

  1. Smile
  2. Grab your Humask from in front of you and put it on.
  3. Look back at the camera and continue to smile with your clear mask on.
  4. Give two thumbs up (keep smiling)Tips:
    • If possible, record your video in 1080p (Full HD). The video should be taken horizontally.
    • Feel free to dress up and use or create a background that shares who you are or show us your favourite place.
    • Let the light in.  Be mindful of lighting as the goal is to get the best quality video from your device.  You typically want to have the light facing or directed at you for optimal video quality.  

Tips for creating the photo or video:

  • Please make sure that the clear lens on your mask does not fog up.  HuMask Pro Vision masks have an anti-fogging technology.
  • Make sure the camera is at eye level or as close to eye level as possible.
  • Please do not be too close or too far away from the camera.  Viewers should see your entire face and about 5-10 inches below your shoulders.
  • What to wear – as we are trying to showcase diverse people and professions, it would be great to wear something that represents your work, passion, culture, values, etc.
  • Don’t forget about your background.  If you can, position yourself in a setting representing who you are or what you do.
  • You can take videos or photos from your favourite places such as restaurants, coffee houses, grocery stores, or even your workplace. Feel free to get creative with this.

Instructions are available in PDF
Download the Media consent form here

Send your contents to
Feel free to send your questions to the above email address.

Send your videos and photos by December 10th for our next video.

CHHA Members have expressed  their concerns about barriers to communication while we all protect our health. HUMASK Pro-Vision provides you with Level 2 & 3 ASTM Medical Grade PPE Protection Compliant with Health Canada. The anti-fog lens enables you to improve communciation and connect with others more effectively.

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