Hearing Awareness Project

In December 2004, Social Development Canada and Minister Ken Dryden approved CHHA's project submission "Hearing Awareness - A Cornerstone in Canada's Social Fabric". The main objective of this project is to develop a network of hearing health care professionals, who will help us develop an information package to educate not only consumers, but every aspect of society on how to live and cope with hearing loss.

Consumers with hearing loss know first hand what they need, what barriers are hindering their everyday enjoyment of life, and how best to remove these barriers. What they don't have are the tools and the knowledge to go out and get their needs met and the barriers removed. Once the hard of hearing/deafened are in tune with what is available for them, and how they can use these tools to better their lives, they, in turn, will build awareness within the Canadian population by ensuring that their individual needs are met and by achieving their full potential. This subsection of our website provides you Tools and Knowledge.

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Hearing Aid Subsidies Across Canada - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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