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Lee Ramsdell: Director

Lee Ramsdell
Lee Ramsdell

I have been involved in Electronics since 1966. I worked at the University of Alberta where I designed and built many different electronic systems, many of them audio based. Coupled with specific training for FM, IR, audio streaming and hearing loop systems. I have a solid background in what is required for barrier free hearing. Additionally, I have been serving on the Alberta Safety Code Barrier Free Safety Code Council and understand what the issues are for people with disabilities of all types.

When I became a technical supervisor at the University of Alberta, I had to manage technical teams, I enrolled in a Supervisory Development Course. As a result of that course and having served as a manager of a group within the Arts Resource Centre, I have gained insight into creating effective work groups, interpersonal communication skills, principles of supervision and how to be an effective trainer.

Currently I am President of the Edmonton Branch of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. Our Branch has been very active in barrier free hearing for the City of Edmonton and have been assisting the Cities of Medicine Hat and Lethbridge as they have a need for barrier free hearing.

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