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Daria Valkenburg: Director

Daria Valkenburg
Daria Valkenburg

Winnipeg born Daria Valkenburg, a retired accountant and educator, is committed to awareness building and advocacy issues related to the hard of hearing. Currently she serves as the Public Relations and Advocacy Officer for CHHA PEI, and a Director with the CHHA Foundation. For an example of some of the projects she is involved with on PEI, a small chapter with limited funds, take a look at the attached Chapter newsletter, "The Listening Post". Daria and husband Pieter enjoy a quiet country life in rural Prince Edward Island, and love to travel whenever they get 'island fever'.

Daria adds: "I've included our chapter newsletter in the belief that actions speak louder than words. My suggestion is to let people see what a small chapter with almost no funds can do if the members are active and work together to effect positive change." The PEI Chapter newsletter can be found online at


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