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Craig Ellis: Vice-President

Craig Ellis
Craig Ellis

I have been married for 36 years to my wife Patty. We have 2 grown children, Tim is 30 and works as the IT supervisor and lives in Ottawa. Our daughter, Samantha, is 24 and lives in Hamilton and is a high school teacher in the French high school here, teaching English to grades 9, 10 and 12. I worked for 35 years for the Hamilton Police Service (HPS), retiring in December of 2012. I worked in the communications section (9-1-1). I was promoted to supervisor in 1997 and spent the last year as the acting manager of the section. In my time there I help develop a training program for new communications operators. In 1995 I went to Australia where I helped to develop a training program for new dispatchers. I was there for three months providing the training and training new training operators to take over.

In 1998 I was made the project manager of the Y2K communications computer upgrade for the HPS. In that project I also managed the implantation of the first computer aided dispatch system for the Hamilton Fire Service.

Whenever I go anywhere and I see people working in loud noise I "lecture" them about how they are going to lose their hearing and tell them to get their hearing checked. I have had a few people take me up on this. I will be starting to teach my third class speech reading class in September. I also sit on the BOD for the Hamilton Police Retirees Association joining the year after I retired. I have operated an income tax preparation business since 1982. I also started an investment club in 1982 that ran until 2000, and then started another one in 2008 which is still going strong. I have become an advocate for people with hearing loss and feel that I can do more as a member of the National Board. My challenge is to balance all my activities and still have time to enjoy my retirement.

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