At present, CHHA has 22 branches, 6 provincial chapters and 1 national network. Click on the map of Canada to see a listing of our branches and chapters in each province.

CHHA Branches

Formal organizations composed of a minimum of 4 persons who establish a local group because of an identified need(s) such as education, support, recreational and advocacy activities specifically with the hard of hearing and deafened in mind. Branch bylaws must be approved by the Board of CHHA/AMEC.

CHHA Networks

A virtual branches of CHHA and are either internet-based or e-mailed based. Networks are organized along the same lines as Branches. They may have specific focus on an identified issue or set of issues. Each Network must be approved by the Board of CHHA/AMEC.

CHHA Chapters

Organized at the initiative of the membership, they represent the interests of Branches/Networks within their province both at the National level of CHHA and at the political level within their province. They establish their own bylaws, jurisdictions, aims etc. as long as these do not conflict with the bylaws of CHHA National and are approved by the Board of CHHA/AMEC.

List of Branches, Chapters & National Networks

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