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Hard of Hearing Youth

Cathedral Home for Children
The Cathedral Home for Children is a non-profit residential treatment center and school for troubled and traumatized children, including deaf and hard of hearing children.
HEARNET! Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers
HiPMag Online
HiPMag Online is for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids and their friends.
Hiype! is the only website in the UK for hearing impaired people who are working, studying or are hoping to do one or the other in the near future! Whether you consider yourself hearing impaired, hard of hearing, deaf or deafened the main thing is that you won't be thinking about picking up your pension for another decade or so!

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School-Related Links

Canada's Digital Collections Program
Over 100 multimedia collections from sources all over Canada and put together by young Canadians.
Computers For Schools
Industry Canada and partners help put computer hardware and software donations to work in schools across the country.
The SchoolNet site has all kinds of on-line educational resources, activities, and contacts!
SchoolNet Grassroots Projects

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Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
The CCRW promotes and supports equal and equitable employment of job seekers with disabilities through their network of organizations and individuals across Canada.
Career Edge
A national youth internship program designed to help Canadian youth make the transition from full-time education to full-time employment.
Employabilities (Edmonton, Alberta)
Employment resources for persons with physical disabilities.
Explore experiences, ideas and resources through the Gateway to Diversity.
Student Connection Program
Help businesses and other organizations connect to the Internet!
A Virtual Employment Centre to help make the job of finding a job a little easier.
Youth Employment Information
This site will give you a more complete picture of government employment programs that are available to young Canadians.

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