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Captioning and Electronic/Computerized Notetaking

Caption FAQ
This site provides answers to frequently asked questions about captioning.
Caption Center
At WGBH Boston, MA.
The Captioning Group Inc.
The Captioning Group Inc., (Calgary and Edmonton, AB) specializes in providing Closed Captioning & Realtime Court Reporting, Realtime Captioning & Court Reporting Closed Captioning (CC) & Realtime Court Reporting Services.
CCmaker Closed-Captioning
Adds closed-captions to videos.
Closed Captioning Web
A Web page for those who may not be aware of closed captioning
Computer Prompting & Captioning Co.
Midwest Captions
A list of captioned and non-captioned commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl.
National Captioning Institute
A nonprofit corporation with the mission of ensuring that deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as others who can benefit from the service, have access to television's entertainment and news through the technology of closed captioning.
National Court Reporters Association
Committed to being the leader in advancing the profession of those who capture and integrate the spoken word into a comprehensive and accurate information base for the benefit of the public and private sectors.
Neeson & Knoll Real-Time Reporting
Neeson & Knoll is a specialized court reporting service which offers a variety of services to lawyers and deafened individuals.
RealTime Reporters
The Internet Captioning Software
Video Tape Associates
Visual Voice Captions
Visual Voice Captions delivers Cadillac of Communication Access services through its North American network of CART Providers and Realtime Captioners. We travel is done to international, regional and local assignments as well as working remotely by Internet CART or modem Captioning in certain settings.

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Hearing Aids

The Kenneth W. Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archives
Siemans Hearing Instruments, Inc.

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Technical Devices

ALDS Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., manufactures and distributes worldwide - assistive devices that are developed and tested with the help of hard of hearing people.
Canadian Hearing Society
Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) offers a variety of devices, amplified phones, personal sound amplification systems, television assistive listening systems, vibrating watches and clocks, and more.
Hear Well Services, Ltd.
Hear Well Services provides assistive listening devices that can help to improve your ability to hear the world around you and enhance the quality of your life.
Pure Direct Sound
The objective of this business is to provide high quality hearing aid compatible ("telecoil") listening products delivering "pure direct sound" to our customers at low cost. Located in Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Technology Assessment Program
Gaullaudet University's TAP - produces information for use by industry, government, and consumers in the area of visual communications by deaf and hard of hearing people.
Where to Obtain Devices and Systems (pdf)
CHHA has compiled a list of information on where devices can be obtained in pdf format for your convenience.

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