50Plus Magazine
The leading Canadian website providing unique content, community and commerce for people over the age of 50.
Special Awareness Months/Weeks
A list of annual special awareness months and weeks recognized in Canada.
Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada
Hard of Hearing Children - Not Deaf Enough
A book with everything you wanted to know about your hearing impaired child.
Tinnitus Association of Canada
Web site to help educate those that have or know of people with tinnitus.
CHHA - Ontario Chapter
The official website of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Organization.
VOICE homepage
To ensure that all Hearing Impaired Children have the right to develop their ability to listen and speak and have access to services which will enable them to listen and speak.
Communicaid for Hearing-Impaired Persons
A non-profit volunteer organization that is working to make life a little easier and the world a friendlier place for the hearing-impaired in Montreal.
Philosophy about self-help for deafened people
WORKink Links Database
Approaching Meniere's Disease Positively
This website was created from two perspectives: from the Meniere's Disease sufferer's point of view and then the family's.